last night I watched the movie, BUTTER...

perhaps it would have been better had I watched it with some popcorn
as popcorn and BUTTER are a magical combination
but no
I did not have popcorn... just BUTTER

it did have two bicycles and Mr. Pickler does look like Matt Hoffman

but really... 
I am not sure what to say

I did like it enough to watch it all the way through
there was much I liked about it
all the actors seemed as if they were the characters
I was drawn in and attached to the characters
yet still... I think it fell short
close... but short

watchable... but not anywhere near "must see" material
that said... you may like BUTTER
okay... BUTTER is good... it may not be good for you...

I said it....

funny to see Alicia Silverstone all grown up
and Olivia Wilde is fantastic

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