passing through the park... snapping some shots of some DC Bicycle Messengers taking a break in between "runs"


passing through the park mid day
a few messengers sit on the benches in Dupont Circle waiting for the call
not sure how they get the call
maybe a text... maybe a phone call

the technology has changed since the era of the the use of "courtesy phones"
then beepers that only beeped followed by pagers that could receive text messages
then in a time before that... people more than likely congregated at "home base" or "base"

in our passing we exchange hellos
Marc is more interested in my approach than Spencer

there is a quick passing discussion about the bike to car relationship
each of us try to use a single sentence to explain the chaos and the sometimes combative relationship

Spencer places some blame of drivers from the suburbs... Virginia drivers!
while Marc has issue with all of the international drivers... the Diplomats and others

yes and yes...
but there is more

DC is a transient city
people from all over the country
people from all over the world

there is a combination of the false sense of self importance and then the illogical use of sensibilities from their home town to Washington DC

it is a complex situation
in short...
most drivers can not see past their dashboards
if they looked further ahead... if they planned further ahead
if they drove with a little common sense
if their driving exhibted a tad big of common courtesy
well... then the streets of DC would be a different place

alas no...
people are idiots or assholes
selfish and blind
lacking foresight

chase these links... there was a time when I was more wordy
if you like words
chase these links

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