Sky Lanterns Illegal?

Sky Lanterns...
beautiful... yes
but dangerous?
sure... in the "worst case scenario"
but really... lets be realistic

smokers toss cigarette butts carelessly about
yet... I am not seeing a ban on cigarettes due to their "worst case scenario" fire hazard
or are they?

I have a problem with these "worst case scenario" bans
they seem disproportionate to the potential risks

kids can not climb trees for fear that they will break their arm... so
kids are now fat and weak
then tackle football... there are certain risks to kids playing sand lot football or playing football at recess at school
but what is the risk of not playing football?
well... absence of body mastery, there are social skills gained in this arena, and of course exercise is good for the mind body and soul

so what is the story with Sky Lanterns?

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