this was a rant about a LIFE COACH APPLICATION for your iPhone... iPad... whatever electronic device you are glued to

I put this on the EVOLVE MY LIFE Facebook page
I figured I should just CUT AND PASTE it and place it here
will give it a read and a quick edit before I PUBLISH AND POST
Evolve My Life on FACEBOOK

personal trainer?
life coach?
that angel on your shoulder helping fight back the demons of lethargy and the demons of malaise?
that friendly push to do what you want to do, but are lacking the motivation to make happen
and some other general good ideas

it would be cool to develop a program for people at their computers... desktops or Smart Phone

an application that would suggest at the desk exercises
and maybe have "polite" bubble reminders
in this day and age it could be a holographic trainer
and they could have personalities

you could customize it to help you help yourself

computer hologram of you or another selected "electronic desk trainer" and says, " don't forget to sit up, don't slouch! and breath"
or something to that effect

then if the keyboard or mouse has seen a good deal of activity
then it would respond
recommending standing up and doing a stretch or exercise

there could be recommendations to stay hydrated
that Princess Leia-like hologram not looking for Ben Kenobi but instead reminding you to get a glass of water
as walking to the water cooler will get you out of the chair for a second and get you drinking the water that our bodies need
people tend not to drink enough water
water is precious

if people are using the ball as a chair
the instructor image could be catered to that user and their goals and needs

positive re-inforcement
compliments and guidance

but in a non-annoying way

for kids on devices...
there could be a personal trainer
with cardio instructions
if there has been excessive texting... pop up says "okay give your thumbs a rest and lets get some blood to your heart"
and then depending on the type of child and the type of goals or interests that child may have
"give me 30 jumping jacks"
"go climb a tree"
or for the youth crowd it would play a song from their playlist that is a "dance song"
and request "hey... take a break and dance to one song"

there would be an initial set up
the device would know not to

thank goodness for the SEE ALL cut off
this was a long post on someone else's page

guess I need to burn this coffee off by taking the dog out for a longer march in the cold and rain

either way
my pop up would say
"finish your work and go ride your bike" maybe with a beautiful European woman is everyday clothes riding a classic black Dutch bike 
and then on another day a fit tan female racer on a road bike on another day... then downhiller... xc racer... bmxer
whatever... but my personal trainers would all be women
as that would be my requested setting

great advice that I need to give myself
we all need a push sometimes
a personal trainer\life coach app on the computer and smart phone could be fun and helpful

off the computer
two more seconds straightening up
then off to do something outside the house

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