Velocity Bicycle Coop and its new location in Del Ray NOVA

last week I did some clean up in my garage
separated my parts
parts to keep... parts to trash... parts to donate

a couple of boxes went back on the shelf in the garage
a box went out in the alley by the trash cans
and I drove out to Del Ray in Northern Virginia with a box full of parts and a few almost complete bicycles

in Del Ray I met up with Christian Myers of Velocity Bicycle Coop
Christian was able to prove that "one man's trash is another man's treasure!"

Christian waded through the box separating what he could use... what he could scavenge... and more than likely... what he would end up throwing away

it felt good...
I got rid of stuff that I was not not using and more than likely never going to use
Christian and the Velocity Bicycle Coop got some stuff that they may be able to use
for my troubles... Christian threw a pair of used hydraulic brakes I was eyeballing my way

I fought the impulse to browse too much
that said... Velocity Bicycle Coop would be a great place to visit if you are rebuilding a bike or working on a Frankenbike creation

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