a story about a local mountain biker...

Brian Fults: The Bulldog of Mountain Bike Racing


this article is from 2011... that is just CHAPTER ONE
since then... Brian has been diagnosed with Cancer and has been battling for his life
on and off the bike
in and out of the doctor's office
beating the cancer back... only to have that cancer sneak back into his life

it is a tough story
a story of a friend of mine
something to think about next time I curse that I stubbed my toe or hit my head on a low doorway
how bad are my problems?
what am I complaining about?
or better yet
MAN UP... stand up to the challenge and push your way through

maybe like Brian does
or maybe my own way

I am not "the bulldog"
but I can learn from his example

love and luck to Brian Fults!
a person with a dynamic charisma, a zest for life, and a healthy competitive spirit!

mentions of Brian
mention of Fults

I had some electronic conversations with Brian earlier this week
want to get out on the bike with him
need to get some face time with him rather than FACEBOOK
I think that there is much to be learned from how this man faces challenges

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