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Black Woman Bike

I recall years ago WABA asking me for an image...
they wanted an image of a woman on a bike, in business clothes, wearing a helmet... 
oh, and they wanted that rider to be black
and I said
"I do not think that demographic is represented, in my years of taking photos of cyclists in DC... I have not seen a person that fits this description"

sure there were women on bikes... some of them black
but to add the variables of business clothes and then helmet
well... especially helmet
I had not taken a photo of anyone fitting this description

times are changing
there are more people on bikes
more men... more woman
more people wearing helmets than not
and then more people
people of all races, color, ethnicity, and economic backgrounds

I have not met Veronica
we have stood in the same room at the same time
but we have not spoken
from what I have seen Veronica seems nice
she is clearly well spoken
and well...
she is "on a roll"

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