April 6th Trail Work Day at Fort Dupont

a note from Raymond Crew the MORE Trail Liaison for FORT DUPONT

Hello Everyone:

Just a reminder about the trail work at Fort DuPont on Sat April 9:30 am. Originally I proposed this Sunday, forgetting it was Easter.
We will meet at 9:30 in the main parking lot along Fort David Drive just north of Randal Circle. (See attached below). We will have gloves and bags for you, but if you prefer to bring your own that is cool.
We’ll break into groups to cover multiple sections. The highest priority is the section between Fort Davis/Texas and Massachusetts.  Not much trash, but the most used.  The next section is between Fort Davis/Texas and North Capital with a lot of trash. If enough folks  come, we’ll also spread out to the southern sections beyond Branch Ave. The attach basic trail map shows what sections we'll be working on.


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