beautiful day today in DC... great photo opportunities

I did walk the dog...
which gave me some time in the winter wonderland that is Washington DC
but... I have things to do in the interior of the house
hopefully the kids get out of school early

if we are lucky there may be some sledding in the afternoon
but more than likely not
saw some packs of people on sleds and trays going down what was rapidly turning into dirt
parents were leading the charge

I think the sledding is over when the snow is gone
as respect to the terrain if nothing else

I like to claim that my sledding and cross country skiing does no damage to the terrain
but when people sled till it is a mud streak
well... they are disreputable to the rest of us

there was no debate this year
no question about who is responsible for shoveling the multi-use separated bike paths
nor was there an issue of cross country skiers and hikers sharing the same space without the hikers post holing the cross country ski tracks


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