Clydesdale Class for Airlines?

Should Heavier Airline Passengers Pay More?

oh man...
this one is asking for trouble
BMI? or just simply weight?

I know... I hate sitting on a plane and having the passenger to my side invading my air space

as a taller person... my weight will be heavier
throw in an athletic build
come on... muscle weighs more than fat

and a little bit of an adult size mid-section
and well... I am not going to be the lightest person on the plane

punish me for something that is out of my control?

what is my recommended BMI?
this BMI Calculator says I am OVERWEIGHT

by this system calculator I would need to weigh roughly 205 
WOW! now that would be great... but honestly
that would have to take away not just some of my stomach
but I would have to lose some muscle

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