DC Food Trucks... is this sustainable?

food trucks... dog parks... and that entrepreneurial spirit...

recently I have started to mix up my routine with the dog
not everyday but most days I bring the dog with me for "drop off and pick up" of my younger son at his elementary school

a few blocks from young Grant's school is a dog park... it is a large public grassy space where people gather with their dogs
now... I am not sure if I am a "dog park person"
but I am quite sure that my dog Didg loves it
so... in an effort for the dog to socialize with other dogs
I pass through the dog park on my way home from drop off and sometimes on our way back to the car after pick up

my drop off and pick up routine involves parking a few blocks away from the school and walking to the school
rather than driving head on into the storm that is the madness of drop off or pick up
the illegal parking... the double parking... the competitive effort to get that last space
I want to avoid that entirely
it is unnecessary madness and unnecessary stress
not need for any additional madness or stress

so I park a few blocks away and walk
it is a healthy routine
I also feel it gives a little bit of a "car lite" experience to the kids

for the last few weeks I have been breezing through the dog park after dropping young Grant off at school
it gives my dog Didg more pleasure then our walks of solitude in the woods of Rock Creek Park
dogs enjoy dog interaction... so I grant Didg that

in this time I make small talk with the other dog owners
especially the other dog owners who have dogs that my dog gravitates towards
it is part social... networking... and therapy
there is one dog, a young pit bull, that Didg loves to run and wrestle with
this dog is owned by one of the founders of the Fojol Brother's Food-truck

today I had an interesting talk about business with one of the Fojol Founders, Peter
we talked about his three truck food truck business and food trucks in general
it was quite an education
apparently there is more to it than pulling up at Farragut Square and selling some chicken and rice

nice guy
interesting conversation
amazing to see the level of activity that goes on behind the curtain

enough on this... my train of thought got derailed by a phone call

Fojol Brothers

Gwadzilla mention of Food Trucks and then Fojol

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