he was not only riding faster... he was riding further


if I remember correctly it was not only an Eddy Merckx jersey
but I think he may have been riding a Ti Eddy Merckx frame as well
(I enlarged the image and confirmed the Merckx frame)

La Course en Tete is one of the greatest cycling films EVER!
back when we had winter in the Mid-Atlantic I would watch this film as I rode my bicycle trainer in the basement

Snapped these shots of Kevin while on a ride on a brisk yet beautiful day in Rock Creek Park in March

I was winded and lucky to get these shots
Kevin slowed his pace for some conversation
but I was too winded to think
as it was a battle to keep pace

even though we were riding right along side of each other
somehow the wind was in my face
while Kevin had the wind at his back

nice shots
good catching up with Kevin

that day was a decent effort
reminds me that I enjoy not just riding my bike
but also riding my bike hard
need to get back out on the bike and ride hard

go above threshold
raise my threshold 

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