Helmet? for me... there is no question... for my kids? there is no discussion

A Dear Abbey Discussion about Kids and Bicycle Helmets

as a parent I try to keep it simple
and well
if you institute that rule early... you may get some argument early on
then... there is just no discussion
just as I do not need to tell my kids that they need to wear pants when they go to school
I do not need to tell my children that they need to wear a helmet when on the bike

the helmet is just part of the bicycle experience

that said... adolescence may bring up a discussion about helmets
but we are not there yet

the helmet is worn "just in case"
we wear our helmets to protect us in case of an accident
so that our "worst case scenario" is not as bad as it could be
but really... the greatest danger to people on bikes is cars

it boggles my mind that as I ride around the city with my two boys.... the passing cars do not alter their behavior when driving past the young boys
SHIT! when I am driving my car and I see kids on the sidewalk... I take them into account and I keep my focus not just on the road, but also on the children on the sidewalk
my foot comes off the gas and hovers over the brake
I am ready... expecting the unexpected

it is so frustrating... I am as protective of my children as any other average parent is of theirs
my heart races and my blood boils when the car traffic around us puts us at risk

it may not be right... but I am not shy about flipping off the car driver who runs the stop sign and puts us at risk
or the car that passes too fast and too close

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