John Falls Photography... and the moped

photos by John Falls
John Falls Photography

I never "got" the whole moped thing
I grew up with a simple understanding 
"moped" is the past tense of "mope"
and that
mopeds are like fat chicks
they are fun to ride until your friends see you
okay... I grew up in a less than PC time

but really... I never got the whole moped thing
when Ulysses or The Make Up were at their subculture peak there was this moped culture
sort of like a DC Mod thing... only mopeds instead of Vespa scooters
and DC Urban Hipsters rather than London Mods

dozens like them

they believed that it was a great lawless option
a little bit under the radar
not as many laws or rules as a car
but really... why not a bicycle?
bicycle over moped any day

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