Lance... strip him of his titles... strip him of his wealth

Lance draws parallels between himself and Bill Clinton

during Lance Armstrong's career peak I listened to his responses to the questions
he never said... "no, I never doped"
he always answered allusively
dodging the question
I thought his behavior was very Clinton-esque

for him to respond with answers like... "I am the most tested athlete in cycling and have never tested positive for doping"
well... I never thought that was an answer I could accept
always amused me that he was able to give these dodgy sound bites 

it appears that Lance feels no remorse
hopefully Lance Armstrong is being forced to "right the wrongs"
there is no time machine
but payment to those whose lives were ruined and careers were derailed
that would be a good start

and then
his wealth... I am not saying make the man homeless
but he amassed a wealth from cheating
that wealth should be returned... repaid... taken away

at the time I felt like Lance Armstrong was robbing a bank
well... the bank robber has been caught
and that money is not his to keep


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