Robert Gordon...

Rock-a-billy was PUNK!
and well...
Robert Gordon was punk before he was rockabilly
in the 70's Robert Gordon was in The Tuff Darts
a little before my time

that said... Robert Gordon was still punk when he morphed into his Rockabilly persona

I was right on time with Robert Gordon and Fresh Fish Special!
maybe not the day it was released... but it was contemporary with the times
Fresh Fish Special and Bad Boy spent some solid time on my turntable and in my Sony Walkman cassette player
good stuff for sure!

Robert Gordon Bad Boy

sure... everyone loves Elvis... the Stray Cats had their moment in our hearts
but there was more to the Rockabilly revival than Brian Setzer and his over the top Flock of Seagulls pompadour 

Bad Boy by Robert Gordon ranked high on my Juke Box Selections at the Tastee Diner in Bethesda.... right up there with Crazy as performed by Patsy Cline 
and of course... we know a short haired clean cup Willie Nelson wrote the song Crazy
just as we also know that Bruce Springsteen wrote the song Fire that was made famous\popular by the Pointer Sisters
but a little know fact... the song fire was written by Bruce Sprintsteen but given to Robert Gordon as a birthday present, having Robert Gordon to be the first to release a recording of the song Fire

Robert Gordon: Fire


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