this is kinda cool...

saw this on Cyclelicious

I will have to see it to believe it
but really... in concept

I would buy this for my kid!
well... if my kids did not already have decent mountain bikes

but really... this bike has potential
this could be the gateway bike for kids to be ridding for fun
going down stairs... over jumps
they can roll up and down curbs

great urban-suburban bike
would be great on dirt roads and mellow dirt trails

the fat tires more than likely will do more for comfort and control than low end suspension systems

sure... the coaster brake is an off road mishap ready to happen
but for 200 bucks?
it is a good place to start
this could be a super fun bike to the next breed of kids

if something like this was packaged right and marketed well
it could change the future of youth
what if bicycling became POPULAR?
not like the hula hoop or the yo-yo
but like kids soccer or little league baseball

or just the bike of childhood
a bike that can be used to ride to the neighborhood pool 
or to the corner store to get an ice cream
or just to ride around to ride aroun

it would be fine for a surge of popularity 
the surf board had its boom
the die hards remained
and the sport stayed the same

popularity does not ruin everything

Mongoose and Walmart may have done well on this one
that is... it it can survive some regular use and minimal abuse

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