this is a tough one... vehicular manslaughter?

bicycles are not cars...
the law should reflect that.

how their behavior is measured should reflect that...
this case shows that the bicyclist can in fact put others at risk
but... by no means is the bicycle as dangerous as the car

a bicycle at 25MPH is not the same threat as a car at 25MPH
a bicycle colliding with a pedestrian is not as dangerous as a car colliding with a pedestrian
when a car runs a stop sign... there are different risks than when a bicycle runs a stop sign

a speeding car versus a speeding bike?
one is a potential weapon... the other... a potential victim

the death of this man is a tragedy
he should have had the right to live out his days
his life was cut short because of the actions of another
and well... there should be some sort of penalty

and well
oddly enough
cars hit cyclists and it always seems like there is a way that they blame the cyclist
always claiming that the cyclist caused the accident
or the cyclist could have caused the accident

there is so often mention of the presence or the absence of the helmet
I guess in this case... there may be a consideration of the victims health and age

in this case there is mention of the behavior before this intersection
which is and is not necessarily important
as we are really most concerned with the rights of the pedestrian and the rights of the cyclists at the moment of the collision and the moments before the collision

there is also mention of an estimate of the cyclist going 32 MPH
well... San Francisco is hilly
but... unless the hill merits such
most bikes have a hard time reaching those speeds
mainly because it is hard for people to reach those speeds on a bike

tough one...
I hope he has a good lawyer
I hope this is resolved fairly

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