ties are less than cool... unless you are wearing one and do not have to... but if you have to wear a tie.... TIES SUCK!

I seldom wear a tie...
in fact... I seldom wear a suit
my various adult life jobs did not merit such a uniform
business casual

weddings... funerals... other special events
I may wear a suit... but seldom wear a tie

maybe a bow tie...
but I try to avoid the tie tie

as a child I went to Our Lady of Lourdes
we had a classic Catholic school uniform
dark blue pants... light blue shirt... dark blue tie
no sneakers
this uniform loosened up to have a tie-less polo style shirt option when I hit 7th or 8th grade

that said...
I wore a tie...
was tying my own tie before 3rd grade
maybe not so much because clip on ties are a fashion faux-pa
but because you can not have a tie fight with a clip on tie

this tie looks painful
like it is taking the constriction around the neck to the next level

so complicated that if the wearer were in need of a quick escape
scissors would need to be on hand

I am currently looking for a job
if I interview with you... let me know if I should wear a tie
as I will more than likely need to dig one up
as it has been a while since I have attended a wedding or a funeral
and at most recent events
I went with a jacket and vest... forgoing the tie all together

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Raymo853 said...

The Eldridge knot looks great. I'll try that one next time I decided to wear a tie when I do not have to wear a tie.