Washcycle... it has been too long since I have followed the WASH CYCLE

The WashCycle

years ago I considered myself and my blogging efforts as "advocacy"
I blogged and communicated with other bloggers
I worked to share information and inspiration
my effort was to entertain and enlighten

then... when I went looking for work in the world of "bicycle advocacy"
no doors open... maybe I inadvertently had closed some of these doors myself
but still... no doors opened
here I am looking for work again

where do I look?
who is looking for me?

I lost some of my passion
my momentum slowed to a near stop
as I felt I was under appreciated
I ditched words and maintained the images

it was as if my efforts were all for not
in the end I blog for me... as an outlet
but I will admit... there is a reward in knowing there is an audience
my audience has grown and changed
many have drifted away

blogging is blah
a medium of days long since past
these things killed the blog

the 140 Character Limit kills the internet reader's desire to wade through long winded rants
everyone just wants the punch line... the caption... the meat of the message

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