We all need to be more appreciative for we have...

a few years ago an old friend of mine from high school had twins...

there were some complications
twins often have their own set of pregnancy issues
there turned out to be some abnormalities
there was a bit of a scare

then at the time of delivery...
like so many twins... these twins were born early
but not just a little early
extra early... not full term... no where near full term... diminutive neonates

then there were more complications 
as I did not witness things first hand I try to recollect
but I seem to recall there was an extended stay at the hospital for both boys after the birth
twins often come early... modern science is ready for this

these boys were premature
I was a preemie
but these guys were earlier than a few weeks
definitely diminutive preemies

then once the boys were cleared to go home
there was an episode that sent them rushing back to the hospital with one of the boys

oh man...
it sounds rough
rough for the kids and rough for the parents
as said... parenting is tough
but parenting for special needs children? extra tough

life is rough...
parenting is tough...
I can only imagine what it is like to have a "special needs" child
I am sure it takes a reservoir of patience

parenting any child demands a reservoir of patience
special needs children... well... I guess the parents need a reservoir of patience and a heart of gold

the father keeps a blog
ASD Dad: Autism Spectrum Disorder Dad

then this APP
Questioning Autism

I post this so that I can share this information
for any parent
as we all could do to put things in perspective
so that we can enjoy things more and chill out a little

I also share this because I know that it is important for people to know that they are not the only person experiencing something
this blog must be therapeutic for the father while also being therapeutic for the readers who are experiencing something similar

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