at the New Belgium Bike Summit I learned about the history of the Tour de Fat... a history that is still being written

met DK... starting to get to know DK

our passing was short
but felt as if I was getting to know him

sort of like how a person feels they have a connection with a stripper
hold on... that did not come out right
what I am saying... DK is friendly and likable... 
not just with me... but with anyone who puts a twenty in his g-string
(okay... as far as I know... DK does not wear or g-string... and no money changed hands to improve our friendship)

DK giving us the 411 on the Genesis of The Tour de Fat

The Tour de Fat and its humble beginnings
a vision
an evolution

that Airstream was at the start of it all
a piece of Tour de Fat History

there is more to the Tour de Fat than just bikes and beer
it is more than a day of family fun in a carnival atmosphere with a bicycle theme
there is a philosophical side
and at philanthropic side as well 

the philosophy? 
the philanthropy? 
the proceeds at each tour city goes straight to the advocacy groups that volunteered and helped host the tour de fat in that town

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