bicycle and the law... Common Sense and Common Courtesy should dictate our actions... not the threat of getting a ticket

Gwadzilla Archive on the topic of Common Sense and Common Courtesy

chase the above link
check out my rants on the notion of common sense and common courtesy over strict adherence to the law

this weekend I am in Fort Collins Colorado for the New Belgium Bike Summit
I have come here representing MORE: The Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts, this weekend bicycle advocates from all over the United States are meeting to discuss bicycle related advances in their communities and the goals to make cycling more safe and maybe more fun in their communities

while I am here I can not help having bicycle related conversations about more than mountain biking
so often I hear the conversations or see the actions and I am in disagreement

there is not time for me to develop this thought
but the above link may help to explain my logic

my basic notion... it is not about riding my bicycle where and how the law dictates
it is an idea about putting myself where I am most safe
being fast and efficient is part of the equation
but arriving alive is pinnacle

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