dogs off leash in Rock Creek Park... in Boulder Colorado they have a policy for this behavior in open space

City of Boulder: Voice and Sight Tag Program

the process is simple
it is not like they make the dogs or their owners jump through any hoops
it is just a simple education that offers up a better understanding of where, when, and how their dogs can be off leash

I have had multiple incidents with a "friend" who is a professional dog walker
he moves through the woods with a small herd of dogs
and well...
the dogs off leash bully any and all that they see
no more than barking...  well, barking and chasing

my submissive dog didg runs for home with his tale between his legs
and the dogs continue to bark at me

the dog walker...
he thinks that this is appropriate dog behavior
that the dogs will just sort it out
well... I disagree

men... lie, cheat, steal, rape...
it is just man being man
is that appropriate?
but that is the behavior of man?

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