give them someplace to ride... and then the are more likely to honor this request

DISMOUNT ZONE- You MUST Walk Your Bike or Board on Sidewalk

it is simple... if there are options
if there are places provided for people to ride their bicycles and/or skateboards
then this law gets more respect
it can not be just about getting a ticket

to change behavior... there needs to be more than the threat of the ticket
there needs to be an understanding

in this case...
there needs to be the understanding that it is unsafe (and uncool) for people to be riding their bicycle or skateboard on the sidewalks or through the walking mall
there are other places provided to ride

the same goes for mountain biking
give the mountain bikers legal places to ride their bikes
then there will be less reason for people to ride their mountain bikes illegally
the threat of a ticket?

the threat of a ticket is not as good as offering up and understanding
let the cyclists and skateboarders understand why it is wrong or maybe inappropriate to ride in these areas
then give them options
give them skate park and bike lanes
bike lanes, bike paths, and of course... legal mountain bike trails and bike parks!

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