Happy Smingus Dyngus Day!

Happy Smingus Dyngus Day!
or just 
Dyngus Day!

these are some photos from my family trip to Poland a few years back
we went to Krakow to visit my father while he taught a two week medical school course at a university there
it was a great cultural experience for adults and children

Arbeit Macht Frei
in addition to my photos of people on bikes in Krakow
I also made a trip to Auschwitz... it is an intense experience
to visit the camps in person... it is a heavy experience
to walk through these camps in person is a dramatic experience that makes a person realize the horrific reality of it all

I think I did a pretty solid job of taking these photos without getting any other tourists in the shot
that was a trick as I was on a tour with a couple of dozen people
our guide was intense... his anger was visible... his emotion was so real... it was as if he was there... when he was my age... he spoke of family members who lost their lives there
it was powerful... if you visit Poland
a visit to the camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau should be part of that trip

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