I am sorry... I am not Edward Abbey

when I was in high school I "crashed" a video convention downtown with a bunch of friends

we got in without paying by claiming we represented the high school television show... which we did not

we milled about... 
got all sorts of crap we did not want or need
lots of B Movie movie posters
all sorts of carp made in China including VHS tapes of movies I never watched

while we were there I got some WWF Pro Wrestling cards
there was a man signing autographs
I thought I had randomly got a pack with this wrestling heroes' image
so I convince my buddy John "the mod" to approach him and get his autograph

but alas no...
John walked over to the large man with orange muscles and thinking blonde hair
I watched
there was a short exchange
the playing card changed hands

John came back and told me... it is not him
I later realized
the card was for Hulk Hogan
and that was Jesse "the body" Ventura

which brings me back to my tangent...

in Boulder a number of people acted as if they knew how I was
as if they met me before
now here in Fort Collins I got approached by a waitress
she asked if I am Edward Abbey

alas no... I am not Edward Abbey
but thanks for asking
Edward Abbey

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