I saw Jane's Addiction before this album was released... and had a ticket for the first Lollapalooza in San Francisco... but showed up a day late on my motorcycle

they were filming a music video for this Jane's Addiction Show at The Scream
I was there
when I lived in Colorado my room mate had a VHS copy of that show
I never watched it
not sure why

Perry Farrell
thanks for the music you made
thanks for the events you promoted

one thing about my memory of seeing Jane's Addiction in LA is the fact that I flew to LA on another person's ticket
it was random... totally random

a friend asked me what I was doing the next day... I said, "nothing" he said "do you want to go to LA"
I said... "sure"

he came and picked me up at 6:45 the next morning in a Cadillac Seville
two hours later I was over St. Louis drinking Jack Daniels with Samantha and Miranda
girls I had seen across the bar 
girls from GDS when I went to B-CC

well... Roz
Sam and Miranda's friend's mom said that she could not go
so... I went to LA on Roz's ticket
totally random

the official video from the show I attended at The Scream so many years ago

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