in Colorado... currently in Boulder... headed to Fort Collins


New Belgium

New Belgium... the brewery that brings us a wide variety of tasty ales including Fat Tire is hosting a BIKE SUMMIT at their Brew HQ in Fort Collins

This is year one of the New Belgium Bike Summit!

bicycle advocates from all over the country are meeting to discuss how to be come a more effective bicycle advocate
as a member of MORE (http://www.more-mtb.org/) I volunteered at last year's Tour de Fat
The Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts ran the Bike Valet at DC inaugural Tour de Fat
this relationship gave MORE an invite to this event
I was ecstatic when I it was agreed that I could be one of the two representatives for MORE
especially since I am not exactly the face of MORE
but... my involvement in Tour de Fat last year and this coming year made me a logical selection


I was stoked to attend... and even more excited to be a part of the bicycle themed beer fueled carnival that is Tour de Fat

it is exciting to have a company like Tour de Fat use their resources to help to develop a more bicycle friendly world
it is even more exciting to build a relationship with this company and their company owning employees

mention of New Belgium on the Gwadzilla Page
then Tour de Fat
and Colorado

more photos from this event and others on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

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