photo from the mountain bike ride at the New Belgium Bike Summit! NICE SHOT!

good times... that ride brought out a side of people I did not see in the meetings at the New Belgium Bike Summit at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins Colorado

it also built a bond between people that could not be created by sitting in a chair in a meeting along side of someone

I feel that the League of American Bicyclists could learn from this and apply this very simple action to The National Bike Summit

the National Bike Summit should be longer
the Congressional Bike Ride is always poorly attended... and well... a little less than a party
come on... we had a scavenger hunt and a mountain bike ride
and well
those events were on par with what some head honcho would write of as corporate team building

good people
great ride
good times

I pitched to someone at IMBA about having a mountain bike ride tied into the National Bike Summit
need to contact the local Niner Rep to see if we can get some bikes
who knows... maybe I can get New Belgium to sponsor it?!?!?

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