riding up to get fish and frozen yogurt

Grant wanted a few fish for his tank and Grant also wanted to go to one of those frozen yogurt by the pound places

I wanted to get Grant out on the bike

Grant got his
I got mine

Got Grant on the bike as our mode of transportation back and forth to eat some frozen yogurt and then buy a couple of neon tetras and some ghost shrimp
then straight home
no great journey... pretty much the most efficient ways up and back

"we did not pass GO... we did not collect 200 hundred dollars"

simply up the hill to Cleveland Park through Klingle Valley
then down the hill on the sidewalk along Porter Street

hate having to dangle the carrot 
but... Grant can be so stubborn
as so many kids of this era can be stubborn... reaching for screens instead of the brass ring

riding the bike...
it is what I want to do... not what he wants to do... it is my idea
he always objects but always enjoys himself once he is on the bike
he definitely enjoys himself once we are rolling

and the carrot? it is discussed... I am not buying him
I am pairing the activities
activities that I will not initiate if we do not include the bike
once on the bike... we discuss how he feels about being on the bike
it is always better on the bike

and I get frozen yogurt too

this has been a basic formula for years

oh... Target gift card?
sure... lets ride bikes up there

doughnuts? I like doughnuts...
when the boys were training wheel age I would walk and they would ride bikes to get doughnuts at Heller's Bakery 

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