Scotty is calling out to the train... I am calling out to the cars!

Draw Your Brakes by Scotty off The Harder They Come Soundtrack


the style of driving in this modern age is a fluid style
a swerve around and never drop your speed style
well... it is illogical, inefficient, and potentially dangerous
just raise the foot off the gas and tap the brake 

as a pedestrian and a cyclist I experience this illogical driving style daily I experience this foot on the gas never on the brake driving style from when I wake until when I sleep
to simply cross the street in front of my house to get my kids to the car or to get my dog to the woods
if a car is coming they seldom slow
instead they simply swerve around

just like in the car commercials
just like in the Fast and the Furious
just like in the news paper articles that I read about fatal accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians

never decreasing speed
never decelerating to the speed limit
never giving me, my dog, and my kids a right to the sense that we are safe and secure
simply buzzing us and moving on

what irks me the most...
so often the up hill traffic has the pedal to the metal
swerves around me and my boys
never realizing that there is a red light at the top of the hill
they will have to stop and wait for the green to progress
they could have granted us a little more respect and been a little more safe
and gotten to their destination without being slowed a bit

but really
slowing for pedestrians and cyclists should be factored into the measure of how long it takes to get some where
this is a cross town drive
not a road rally

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