so many photos taken before my trip to Colorado... many of which I believe are worth sharing

this is my neighbor Spike's son
we are not immediate neighbors so our paths do not cross that often
but often enough that a friendly nod and wave had over the years had me recognize this young man
seen him grow up over the years
he is developing well
always polite and respectful
and apparently talented on the bike

seeing this kid on this department store bike makes me wish that there was a Young Racer Bicycle Library
a way that kids could borrow sport level equipment so that they can dabble in the sport
then there could be a "if you want a bike you can earn a bike" program

then also...
seeing this kid ride this bike makes me believe that DC needs a Bike Park
I truly believe that it would be better for the people to have the trails of Rock Creek Park open to bikes
then a kid like this... so that many kids like this would have a place to safely express themselves on a bike
the sidewalk and the city street is no play to play around on a bike

nice running into this young man
nice catching up with him
a pleasure chatting and exchanging hellos as I snapped a few shots with the camera

conversations at the New Belgium Bike Summit with people running Bike Coops and Youth Bicycle Programs really inspire me

need to start the conversation
let the city of Washington DC know that theses programs are vital to the healthy growth of our communities

Chain Reaction was a good program in DC when it existed

sure Phoenix Bikes and Velocity Bicycle Coop are good programs... but what about DC

oh yea... I have never even been to it
but there is DC's Bike Haus

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