spring in the high country...

ah... spring in the high country
yes... snow in April
this is life in the high country

Boulder's BikeShare is called B-Cycle
Boulder B-Cycle

already back in DC... it snowed while I was there
and it has snowed again since then
I bet some people were stoked to get a few more powder turns for the last weekend at the ski resorts
while I bet some people are just over it

me... it put a wrench in my bicycle riding machine
was planning on a morning mountain bike ride, but got snowed out
it altered my plans... but I did not fret
I just did a hike in the deep powder and then an urban ride

for the most part... the streets were clear
even with 13 inches of snow there were no school closings and no school delays
13 inches of snow in Boulder Colorado is business as usual
even in April!

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