the Bike Lane is not an Express Lane for Cars...

in DC... most bike lanes are treated as parking spaces
same people everyday doing the same things
I say give a nominal ticket for parking in the bike lane
ticket everyone and do it fast
no nudge to move
a ticket and then the demand to move immediately

let it be a ten dollar fine
and if they get three of them in a several month period

this would change behavior
delivery trucks... police cruisers... you name it
the bike lane is not a parking spot
ticket them and penalize them

take their car away... maybe they will get on the bike and then get some insight into the situation

call me a "skoff law cyclist"
I am just trying to fit into the chaos
it is ignorant for all the cars, trucks,  and pedestrians to behave as they do and then to ask the cyclist to follow the letter of the law

ride your bike to a four way stop... see if the approaching cars make a complete stop... see if the cars give you your turn

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