last week it happened twice
some people can make it happen everyday
we are stoked to have it happen once a week
this week... it happened twice

the boys are at different schools
Dean is in Middle School
while Grant is still in Elementary School
their before school and after school routines are different

when they went to the same school
it was much easier to coordinate
in fact, there was no coordination to consider
it just happened

in fact...
when we were on a roll
we did not even blink if we rode the bikes home from school twice in a week
it was just business as usual

just got up in the morning and loaded the bikes on the car while the kids climbed inside
dropped the boys of at school
then in the afternoon I would ride my bike to pick up rather than drive my car

living car lite while enjoying an afternoon bicycle ride
win win!

last week I managed to make the post school bike ride with both the boys happen TWICE
Wednesday is really our only logical option for both the boys
but since Dean was home from school "sick" on Thursday... he rode with me to get Grant
thus giving us the second day

you would think the boys love it
well... they do
but... I can get some grumbling
there can be some complaints
and well
there is often some arguement about the route home

but usually...
almost always... not nothing is for certain
but more times than not
once they are rolling
they are entirely stoked to be on the bike!

on the way home I had the boys duck into the woods for a few short laps 
a little poaching
these are unsanctioned trails
rogue trails

just a little trail... not even a loop... but a moment of dirt on our way home
but it all adds up
life is cumulative
and well
the log is a skill and they each looped this trail a few times and got to practice the log

I had to ramp the log out for young Grant
he could clear it... but it was ugly
smaller kid with smaller wheels
I get it


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