war overseas hits close to home...

a teacher at my younger son's school lost his son in the war in Afghanistan
they build a memorial garden in remembrance of him at John Eaton Elementary School

Memorial To a Marine Killed in Afghanistan

neither of my boys had Mrs. Coti as a teacher
I have never met this young man and never will
yet I mourn... yet I am sadden... 
just the same... I cry
as a father... as a lover of life... this hurts

my heart goes out to any and everyone whose lives are effected by these senseless wars
I weep for both sides
the mothers and fathers on the other sides are no different than the mothers and fathers on our side... they love and care for their children
lives are cut short... and for what?

death for no reason
what are we fighting for?

mention of John Eaton on the gwadzilla page

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