A few shots of Dean and Grant at Fairland

good times...
Dean and Grant were STRONG on the bike!
9 Year old Grant does a good job at keeping up with 11 year old Dean
11 year old Dean does well keeping up with his old man
often Grant demands that he gets to lead so he does not get left behind
that works...
then toward the end I let Grant head back without us
so that Dean and I could ride a little more
in addition to Dean and Grant... also got to ride with Dave V. and his younger son Emmet
Emmet ROCKED it on Grant's old GT mountain bike with rigid fork
cool to see that bike from the 80's get passed on from kid to kid
that was Dean's 24 inch wheel bike... then Grant's now Emmet's!

Fairland is less than 40 minutes without traffic from our house in downtown Washington DC
we will have to make another visit there soon

MORE KICKS ASS! (again) 
thanks to everyone involved in this project
this set of trails will be an amazing asset to the local hiking-biking community 
beautiful rolling trails in a classic east coast hardwood forrest

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