Blelvis... still around... but from what it appears... Blelvis has left the building

Blelvis... Black Elvis
a one time Adams Morgan Street Performer
which in this case is a friendly name for an entertaining pan handler

unlike the guitar player sitting on the corner
it is my recollection that Blelvis roams and approaches "you"
which makes it a little more direct than a street performer

pan handler may be a little rough....
I seem to recall a little tug on the heart strings... a little guilt trip to get that dollar out of the pocket

Blelvis has a skill... re-remarkable but seemingly useless skill
Blelvis' brain is an encyclopedia of Elvis knowledge
try to stump him! just try to!
you just may lose a dollar in that proposition

or with current inflation... maybe you will lose two dollars

Blelvis on the Gwadzilla Page

there is some serious documentation on this one time colorful character who very well may have retired from his act
that said... Elvis is alive and well inside of Blelvis who is also alive and well
and living in Mount Pleasant

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