Eek A Mouse!

last night I saw a mouse...

well... I saw my dog behaving oddly
which is not so odd for him
as I watched his behavior I knew he was onto something
I expected a moth or a cricket

but no... it was a mouse
a very small gray mouse

my dog Digd spotted it and cornered it behind the television
but I could not find it
I pulled back some furniture and dug around
tried to spook the mouse back into the open
but the mouse was no where to be found

then this morning Didg was poking around the fireplace on the first floor
his curiousness made me curious

then I saw it! 

it looked like the same mouse... 
small... gray... looking all mousey

I told Didg to guard his post as I went to get a dustpan and a broom
when I returned Didg had left his post
but the mouse was still trying to find a way to escape up the chimney

calmly I cleared the fireplace so it was just me and the mouse
then I gently swept the mouse into the dust pan and moved for the front door
had my son Dean open the door and then tossed the mouse into the grass to the other side of the sidewalk in the yard

no... the mouse did not sprint up the stairs... between my legs... and back into the house

I waited....
but no... there was no hawk that swooped in to grab this diminutive gray snack

there is a certain reward to removing the mouse from the house

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