funny... I am old and out of touch

my older son wants a Ukulele...
his birthday is coming up
so... I heard this want mentioned a few times
which had me start the search

as it turns out... the Ukulele has made a bit of a resurgence
not sure when it started
or if it has reached its peak
but I had not realized that the Uke was even something available anywhere other than a yard sale or a flea market

alas no...
a trip to Middle C at Tenleytown and I learn that there are so many options
from toy versions to expensive pro versions
with lots of options in between

here is a kid playing the Mario theme on the Ukulele
if you ever played Mario and are in the least bit curious about the growing Uke culture
give this video a listen and a look

with Father's Day coming up... I may want to buy 2 Ukuleles...
just as I bought 2 unicycles a few years ago
although I never learned to ride the unicycle, my effort to learn along side of my older son facilitated his learning

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