handing out Flyers for the Tour de Fat...

left out of the house on Bike to Work Day with a pack full of flyers for the Tour de Fat
Tour de Fat is just a few weeks away... and really... I feel like it is still a well kept secret

trying to change that...
Tour de Fat on the Gwadzilla Page

a slew of DC bicycle messengers got the invite... along with an ex-messenger

as with any flyer hand out... the effort needs to be direct and sincere
more than just handing off a piece of paper
there needs to be a sales pitch
my entry line which was well received 99% of the time

"so... what are you doing June 1st?"

What are you doing June 1st?
if you are in Washington DC or the DC Metro area and do not have any dynamic plans 
then The Tour de Fat is the place for you to be
if your current plans suck... change them

oh... planning on a training ride?
alter your route! ride out with your group and end at The Tour de Fat... there will be BIKE VALET... so you can leave your lock at home!
then you can have a cool down ride home

wanted to spend the day with your kids?
The Tour de Fat is Family Friendly!
the bicycle parade... the puppet shows... the bicycle themed games... the energy of the day
everything other than the beer will work for the kids!

wanted to kick back and have a beer?
you can do that at the Tour de Fat!
their will be beer... good New Belgium Beer!

not sure what the Tour de Fat is?
well... that is a tough one
The Tour de Fat is an amazing day that for some reason is hard to explain

The Tour de Fat is not a bike ride...
The Tour de Fat is not a bicycle race...
the Tour de Fat is not an event to make fun of obeseness 
the Tour de Fat is a bicycle themed carnival that "tours" around the country to 12 cities
the Tour of "Fat" is named after when they were touring with their one humble beer.... Fat Tire
now they have over beers... seasonal... short small limited run unique batches... and always adding new recipes to the list!

tell your friends... bring your friends

Event Page on FACEBOOK


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