Instagram.... Instagram and Kids... my boys have just been bitten by the INSTAGRAM BUG!

both Dean and Grant have Instagram pages
Dean is Gwadzuki Son of Gwadzilla
Grant is GwadzKong which I guess is the antithesis of the Gwadzilla
sort of like King Kong Vs. Godzilla

as they have started using Instagram I have started to guide them into appropriate behavior
what to post and what not to post

but really...
I think I need to have a more strict set of guidelines
it seems that they want to entertain
they want to share jokes and images
not always images of themselves and their activities

in short...
I need to follow their pages
monitor their activity
and build the basis for their understanding of appropriate vs. inappropriate
funny versus trouble

one of my older son's peers posted a picture of his privates
my boys understand that this action was wrong on so many levels
but... they need to get a handle on running their own filters
instead of me being their filter

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