No School? I am sorry... We have to do something!

photo from a few days ago...
the boys did not have school
my older son Dean had a birthday party adventure to the Eastern Shore
which gave me some "one on one" time with Grant

I love Grant and Grant loves me
but I am old and he is young
which means that "one on one" time is not always what he is looking for

Grant like most kids wants to play with his friends and hang with his peers
so... after dropping Dean off at his friends house... Grant and I made some phone calls
Gareth was the first to received the call... Gareth answered the call
as Gareth had no plans until piano that eveng

we fueled up on some Pho... then we took the dog to the Billy Goat Trail
the Billy Goat Trail on a weekday is a special treat
on a beautiful weekend day this wonderful trail is less of an adventure
and more of a carless Interstate 495

good times for sure!
a day well spent

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