not banning... but stating a logical weight limit for the equipment.. but really... I don't think this will deter that many New Yorkers from joining in on the program

NYC BikeShare Program Bans Obese Riders

this is not true
a weight limit is not a ban
the weight limit is a restriction
and the weight restriction is against people above a certain weight
not a ban on riders with a certain BMI

a thin person above 260 pounds would not qualify for the NYC Bike Share program

now... this is a rule that will not be strictly enforced
but it is good for the word to get out
because if the equipment does fail... 
and they will want their payment in Twinkies

as a taller person... I also weigh more than many 
there are times when I can not "ride that ride"
and well... I do not call out discrimination
these people should be use to it

I can recall as a child other kids not letting me ride their Big Wheels
and I was not fat
there was a weight limit
and well... they felt that I exceeded it or did not want to share
either way... I respected the limitations as I had seen many a broken Big Wheel

nice video at the tale end of the Huffington Post's article on the topic of NYC Bike Share's Weight Limits Offend Some People

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