not having my boys try out for Travel Soccer this year...

it is tough...
and well... my kids deserve better
but really...
I do not think that they need the full commitment to one sport and one sport only

on top of that
I do not think my wife and I really want to be shuttling two boys to soccer practices and soccer games all over the area

it took me a few years to get my head around this
now I look at my boys
they are very athletic
strong in many sport
they are going for the variety pack
and well... I hope it works out

but... I think their rec programs could be better

yesterday as I rode bikes with my older son Dean we talked about the travel tryouts
he knew they were going on... but he had not mentioned them
he was saddened that he was not trying out
but really... it is hard to catch that ship once it left port

over a hundred kids trying out
60 or so kids fighting to get on the three or four vacancies
and all the kids from the year prior's travel squads are almost a shoe in to get a spot

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