Post School Bike Ride... there was some madness... but it all worked out in the end

yes... a post school bike ride... and then...
a quick stop for dinner at Cactus Cantina for dinner before Dean's Karate and Grant's soccer
Grant is on the U9 Rec team that I coach
Dean has to balance the homework work load of a sixth grader and his other activities

the sidewalk cafe worked out perfectly
I had "a lock"
but not enough lock for three bikes
so... warm weather... outside... and bikes within view

it was a tad rushed... there was some anxiety that we may not have enough time to do it all
I had to accelerate the speed of the chewing
then I had to keep the boys focused and rolling forward
we did deviate from the straight route home to give the boys a few minutes of getting the knobbies on dirt

everyone got to their activities on time...
time well spent
Friday may involve a post school bike ride as well... depending upon the kids post school/weekend desires

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