shooting without a flash has its elements of luck... usually more bad luck than good

great randomness when I search my page for Black Cat

RED HARE: Shawn, Jason, and Joe

Red Hare: Dave Stern on Bass- Joe Gorelick on Drums

RED HARE power... melody... energetic transitons... and VOLUME
I think they took their volume influence from The Ramones and not Spinal Tap
it was beyond ELEVEN... it was in competition for the loudest band in rock and roll
need to give this stuff a listen so I can get the lyrical message

okay... maybe I am just old
old... and I was late which had me running into catch the band and forgetting to purchase ear plugs
it was LOUD... yes... I know... it is a PUNK BAND 
but... okay... I am old

Red Hare... catch them if you can...
try salt on their tale... or check their tour dates
with band members living all over the United States... I do not expect them to be playing too many shows too often
I enjoyed this show... and not because I have known the majority of these guys for a day longer than forever 


recent release Nites of Midnite for sale on Dischord Records

Dischord release 180?

is there a meaning to this?

is this a subtle skateboard reference
or do they see it as an artistic turn around
I would never think that Jason would ever miss an opportunity for a hidden message
or at least something that at least possesses some significance to him

I wonder what Dischord Release numbers he holds?
Dischord 101... what else?

I bet there is some morse code message hidden in there

Red Hare played at the Black Cat this Thursday past
I was lucky enough to attend
good to catch the band
really enjoyed them... VOLUME and all

some songs appealed to me more than others
too bad the samples on the Dischord page are so short

Horace by Red Hare on YOUTUBE

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