spent the day riding around and passing out flyers for the Tour de Fat in Washington DC on June 1st

New Belgium Brewery is making its second stop on its 12 city tour in Washington DC on Saturday June 1st.
Roughly two weeks ago the bicycle themed carnival that is Tour de Fat landed in Atlanta for its first stop of the season and well... the fun will not stop until they pack up the tents after the show in Tempe Arizona in October!

That offers up a lot of time for bikes, beers, fun, and philanthropy!

The other day I rode around and handed out flyers to a variety of people... not everyone... but people who seemed as if they may be interested in the Tour de Fat...
bikes were the first thing that drew me in
then there were an assortment of other criteria that each individual had to meet

this woman in the black tank top was rolling at a fast pace on the Capital Crescent Trail headed from Georgetown to Bethesda
I passed her a flyer on the move
then there was a short exchange
turns out she was German but loves Belgian beers
which makes her a good candidate for attending the Tour de Fat

not everyone I passed on the trail got an invite
but several did

what amazed me most is that DC had one of the largest showings for a first Tour de Fat in the history of Tour de Fats
and it is looking like DC should have record breaking numbers for grown and its second year
but with this being the case

how come everyone I approach knows nothing about the Tour de Fat?
why is it that the Tour de Fat is such a well kept secret?

this group of bikers at Bike to Work Day got the full sale...
and so did this other group!
they were receptive
immediately they put the event on their mental calendar
hopefully they attend... I think they would enjoy it

this guy in the red shirt had heard of Tour de Fat, but had not known it was headed to DC
he sounded like a strong maybe
but we did not have much time to chat
as our light was turning green
and I was running late for Bike to Work Day
while he was trying to get into work

The Tour de Fat is Saturday June 1st at Yards Park in Washington DC!

if the people who attended last year combined with the number of people who regretted missing the Tour de Fat in DC last year are to attend... well...
it promises to be big
but if we can get the word out to our bicycle minded friends well... TOUR DE FAT IN DC COULD BE HUGE!

and well...
there is an advantage to the Tour de Fat's growth
the profits at this event go straight back to the Bicycle Advocacy Groups that volunteer at the event
which makes this a WIN WIN for the bicycle community
we get to attend the bicycle themed carnival that is The Tour de Fat while building our bicycle advocacy organizations in the area!



tell your friends... then JUST SHOW UP!

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