that was the wrong advice...

so I am splitting lanes up Mass Ave by the convention center numbers counting up
where I see this woman on a Capital BikeShare bike
she is looking back all cute and confused
I was able to piece it all together as I looked back at the cars and a cab driver was getting out of his car
and a woman in a Volkswagen Jetta was adjusting her mirror

there was something... I am not sure what
I just said... "cabbies suck... just keep riding"
she said... "really"
my attention was forward

I could hear the question in her head
she had considered it
but really
it is not the right way to play it

but I am just so frustrated with the state of things today

but really... we have to do the right thing
she should check to see her contribution to the action
if she broke his mirror
she should pay to have it replaced or repaired

just my natural impulse
after so many years of being cut off by cabs

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